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Parsifal ROH
"there are some promising voices here in the mix, chiefly Anna Devin"
Don Giovanni - Scottish Opera
"Ms Devin had the sweetest singing amongst the entire cast"
Don Giovanni - Scottish Opera
"Anna Devin simpered prettily as a rococo shepherdess of a Zerlina:
Don Giovanni
"Devin makes an ideal Zerlina in sound and stage presence: the Irish soprano is a bright spark indeed."
Hänsel und Gretel
"Pack tissue if you're going, for an Evening Prayer more exquisite than that sung by Anna Devin(Gretel) and Claudia Huckle(Hänsel) is hard to imagine."
Humperdinck Hansel & Gretel
"Devin’s Gretel was beautifully sung ... She treated us to a wonderfully tender moment in Act lll's "Wo bin ich?"..."
Hänsel und Gretel
"the central performances are exceptionally strong. Claudia Huckle and Anna Devin play very convincingly off each other as Hansel and Gretel, with Devin’s delicately-shaded soprano complemented by Huckle’s sumptuous contralto"
Humperdinck Hansel & Gretel
"Anna Devin and Claudia Huckle are note-perfect"
Hänsel und Gretel
"Wide-eyed Devin constantly analyses the women around her, eventually facing her own womanhood and the threat of the 'awfully big adventure' with aplomb. Superb diction, Devin's nimble tone..."
Haydn's L'isola Disabitata
"Irish soprano Anna Devin’s giggly, delightfully inelegant Silvia steals the show – a zesty, youthful foil for Constanza’s world-weari/wariness. Carting a monkey around with her wherever she goes, she treats the island as her playground. Her hopelessly naive reactions to seeing a man for the first time since infancy and falling in love with Enrico – all delivered in light, flexible voice – are the most captivating moments of the production"
Haydn's L'isola Disabitata
"With a generous warmth and spontaneity, and singing close to perfection, soprano Anna Devin as the young feral Silva communicated pure joy."
Scottish Opera's Werther
"light, pingy soprano of Anna Devin, a wonderful Sophie who dealt with both pleasure and pain with the lightest of touches."
Werther, Theatre Royal, Glasgow A tale of doomed love
"the delightfully pretty shimmering tones of Anna Devin, playing Sophie"
Massenet's Werther
"As Charlotte’s younger sister Sophie, Irish soprano Anna Devin blends charm with vulnerability and sings immaculately."
"Singing honours still go to Anna Devin though. Her Sophie was a delight. Trilling her way up and down a large vocal range, she was coquettish and quite delicious."