October 28, 2010
L’isola Disabitata
The Linbury, Royal Opera House
"The Irish soprano Anna Devin inhabited Silvia’s world of childish innocence with mush artless attitudinizing and tossing around of her toy animal; her happy expectations for the future, carolled in a clear, light soprano..."
Margaret Davies, Opera Magazine
November 1, 2009
Turn of The Screw, Aldeburgh, UK
"Anna Devin's governess became the villain – scribbling feverishly in her diary, collating evidence, a suffocating, desperate termagant..." Read more »
Anna Picard, The Independent
National Opera Studio Showcase
"Anna Devin as the vulnerable Gilda. Her intensely musical account of 'Caro nome' was finely controlled and crowned with a good trill."
Margaret Davies, Opera Magazine
Recording: Mozart’s Il re Pastore
"Anna Devin has a more opulent voice than either of the other sopranos, and this makes her Tamiri stand out well from them...her second act aria is a highlight."
Read more »
Simon Thompson,
October 27, 2010
L’isola Disabitata
The Linbury, Royal Opera House
"Anna Devin's Silvia and Daniel Grice's Enrico get more liberated music, sound glorious and are rather erotic." Read more »
Tim Ashley, The Guardian
October 24, 2009
Turn of The Screw, Aldeburgh, UK
"From her first appearance, motionless with her back to us on a bare raised scaffold as the audience came into the theatre space, Anna Devin’s Governess was a woman at odds with herself as well as with her post at Bly. Vocally, she dominated her scenes" Read more »
Anne Morley-Priestman, What's on Stage
L’isola Disabitata
Linbury Studio
"Anna Devin’s tirelessly expressive Silvia flares into ardour as she discovers the flames of love." Read more »
Hillary Finch, The Times
March 18, 2010
Bach’s B Minor Mass
All Hallows’s Church, Gospel Oak
"Irish soprano Anna Devin rose to the occasion, singing exquisitely throughout, projecting her songlines like a swallow to glide, sweep and swerve among the church aisles.." Read more »
Sebastian Taylor, Camden New Journal
October 22, 2009
Turn of The Screw, Aldeburgh, UK
".. the youthful governess, superbly sung by Irish soprano Anna Devin but with the wide-eyes vulnerability of someone half a child herself - and more innocent than her charges."
Michael White, Opera Now
Mozart’s Il re Pastore
"Anna Devin is poised and technically accomplished Tamiri" Read more »
Robert Hugill,